Dr. Samson and Priscilla Retnaraj

retnaraj-webOrganization: Evangelical Friends Mission (EFM)
Location: Nepal

Email:  samsonrraj@cs.com
Website: www.friendsmission.com

Caring for the sick and educating the church members in Nepal is at the center of Dr. Samson and Priscilla’s medical ministry. The overall aim of this ministry is to transform individuals and communities through a seamless combination of the Community Based Health and Development Program, emotional and spiritual healing, and curative medicine provided by trained healthcare workers.

Dr. Samson and Priscilla are a medical team, with Priscilla complementing her doctor husband as a psychiatric nurse. This brings an added dimension to their ministry and to their team of competent healthcare workers.

Family Information:
Samson: December 28
Priscilla: October 18
Prateek: July 25