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Sunday Mornings – 9:00 am and 10:30 am – RDFkidz!

This is our Sunday morning program for kids 1st – 5th grade. Our goal is to invite kids into a safe, appealing environment where they can understand the Bible in real ways and develop their friendship with God. RDFkidz engages elementary aged kids in energetic worship and offers large group teaching that helps them explore The Big God Story, as well as a small group environment that encourages kids to apply God’s Word to their lives. Check out the video below!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Children’s Director, Kari Wallace at kariw@rdf.org.

(click HERE for a PDF version)

In Luke 6:46-49, Jesus tells the story of those builders who are wise and those who are foolish. We read that those who hear God’s Word and do what it says are like the wise builder – they laid their foundation on the rock; their work was not destroyed because it was built on a solid foundation.

In RDFkidz Elementary, we are building and developing a culture of little leaders NOW. And it is our prayer that by partnering with you and your family, we will be able to help kids build their faith on a firm foundation.

We’re excited to see kids attending regularly running into church with their Bibles in hand, learning to hide God’s Word in their hearts (119:11) by memorizing scripture, and bringing their friends to church – not just because it’s so much fun (and TRUST me, we have the most amount of fun than any Christians I know), but because they want their friends to know about Jesus too!

If you and your family are looking for ways to engage the Gospel with your family, here is your chance! The goal of Bring It! is for each RDFkidz kid to earn 3,000 points every three months. Help your kids earn their 3,000 points (Oct. 1- Dec 31) by doing one or all of the following:

  1. Attending (100 points – each week)
  2. Bringing their Bible (50 points each week),
  3. Bringing a friend (50 points – each week)
  4. Recite the Remember Verse (50 points – new one every 6 weeks)
  5. HomeFront Weekly (100 points each week)

A parent must email Kari -kariw@rdf.org – by Saturday at 10 pm of each week to “sign off” that the HF Weekly was read through and shared with their kid(s).  No exceptions!

Points don’t carry over and we start fresh all over again fresh in January.

Bring It! 2.0 (for 3-5th graders)

For our 3rd – 5th grade kids only, they can complete the following challenges to “ditch” 2nd hour RDFkidz and walk with Pastor Andy and K-Dub to Dell Taco for a delicious breakfast of whatever they want off the menu.

  1. Recite the previous months (total of 10) Remember Verses
  2. Recite the 10 Commandments
  3. Recite all the books of the Bible

There will be 2 Sundays in which your kid can recite the above information to an RDFkidz leader – write these dates down – Dec. 3 & Dec. 10 (during either hour).

This is where you get to really get in the Word with your kid and champion him/her on as they go for the gold here.  We want to see 30 kids heading to the Del with us to celebrate their accomplishment on Jan 12, 2018.

Tuesday Night Hangs

What:  One Tuesday Night a month for our 5th grade students to come and simply “hang”, have a cup of their favorite jo — and contemplate the odds of us even existing. It’s something like 1 in 400 trillion. Yup, the odds are THAT miniscule. So we’re going to simply “hang” and talk about how INSANELY awesome it is that God made us, that He’s given us one chance at this to be a 5th grader, soon to be a big time 6th grader!
When: 6:45-8pm at the Eastlake Village Starbucks;
Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 5