Family Matters


Your family’s potential is our purpose.

New? Or just looking for way you and your family can create memories, have adventures, and get connected with other RDF families? Well, you’re in the right place. Look below for details on fun social events, parenting classes, and family-serve opportunities.

The truth is that the family is one of God’s most significant forms of provision for humanity. Through the family, God provides, prepares, and purposes each of us. Our Family Matters desire, passion and purpose is to help grow spiritually healthy families.

So we work hard to provide…

  • Engaging programs for children and students that reach into the home.
  • Transformational experiences for families that inspire spiritual growth. 
  • Training, resources, and support that promote healthy family dynamics.
  • Fun social opportunities for families that foster an extended community.

At RDF we desire is to grow spiritually healthy families. We would like to foster a new generation who have an active relationship with God, that informs their life and living.

We believe that to grow spiritually healthy families, parents must be equipped to be the primary nurturers of their kid’s faith (Deuteronomy 6), that the faith community needs to play a supportive role in this endeavor (Ephesians 4), and that we must remain dependent on the Holy Spirit to bring about spiritual growth and formation when and as he chooses (Philippians 2:13).

So now that you know where we are coming from, we hope to see you soon at our next on fun social event, parenting class, and/or family-serve opportunity!

Jason Morones
College and Family Pastor
Rose Drive Friends Church


AUGUST 18 |  THE INCREDIBLES  |  8PM  |  Hurless Barton Park, 4579 Casa Loma in Yorba Linda
Join us in the park as we rub elbows with our neighbors, enjoy some family time, and get to better know other RDF families!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Sep 15 | 8PM | Hurless Barton Park (4579 Casa Loma, Yorba Linda) | FREE
Join us in the park as we rub elbows with our neighbors, enjoy some family time, and get to better know other RDF families! For details go to If you are planning on going please let Jason Morones know at or 832-922-0316.

Spiritual Parenting Class
Oct 1, 8, 15 | 9-10:15AM | Fireside Room | Free
It’s hard enough to raise kids that behave, let alone to be godly. How do you raise kids to know God and do life His way? We can help. Click HERE to register!

Family Flag Football
Nov 12 | 12-1:30PM | RDF Ball Field | FREE
Join us for lunch and family fun on the RDF ballfield after church. Watch from the sidelines, play with your kids, or play against your kids, whatever floats your boat. A family that plays together stays together! Click HERE to RSVP!