Family Matters


Your family’s potential is our purpose.

The mission of Family Matters is to see families formed in Christ for the sake of others and glory of God. The family is one of God’s most significant forms of provision for humanity. Through the family, God provides, prepares, and purposes each of us. So we will work hard to…

#1: Provide Engaging Children and Youth Programs that Reach into the Home.

The goal of the church is to be a partner in the spiritual development of children and youth. Children’s directors and youth leaders will provide quality programming as well as look for ways to extend their work into the home by providing consistent communication about what’s being taught, special events; inviting parent involvement in ministry, and providing relevant resources for the child’s development stage.

#2: Provide Catalytic Experiences

A catalyst is, “A person or thing that causes a change.” God often uses both people and circumstances, along with his Holy Spirit, to bring about transformation in our lives. Following the model of Jesus using creativity and life experience is the most effective way to help children/youth grasp biblical truths. The church can be a vehicle in which to provide opportunities for family service projects, mission’s trip, camping, or by providing simple ways of being good news to their neighbors.

#3: Provide Parent Training, Resources, and Support

We hope to inspire parents to nurture faith in the home through training, resources, and support. Giving parents the biblical tools and strategies they need to reach the hearts of their children is an essential part of the discipleship mandate for any church.

#4: Provide Simple Community Opportunities

The community of believers has always been central to our faith. The church can help busy families by providing simple community opportunities for families like meals, play dates, movie nights, and countless other gatherings that give context for relationships with other families as well as help new families connect at RDF.  



Family Movie Night
MARCH 3 | 6-8pm | CENTER BUILDING | $10/family (Please bring popcorn and a sweet treat to share. Pillow and blanket optional.)
Been a crazy week? Let us handle dinner and the dishes tonight. Join us for pizza, family movie and hang time with other families. There will be games to play for bigger kids, a designated toddler play area, and a “Grown-Up Table” for card games. To register, click HERE!


Marriage Matters Class
SUNDAYS, MARCH 12, 19, 26, and APRIL 2 | 9 am |  CENTER BUILDING
Whether you have been married for one year or twenty- plus chances are you know by now that your marriage is one of the most pivotal relationships of your life. No part of your life and living aren’t impacted by it. So how do we continue to nurture this vital relationship? Let’s talk about it. To RSVP click HERE!


US: A Marriage Conference
April 21-22 | Rose Drive Friends Church, Center Building | $99/couple | Friday 6-10pm, Saturday 9am-5pm | Speaker: Jean Jobs, Gap Master Trainer and Author
It’s been said, “Don’t tell me what your priorities are, show me how you spend your time and money and I will tell you what your priorities are.” So, what are you investing in? How about making a stand for your marriage today? Take a risk, agree together to do this and see what God will do.  This is an opportunity to pause long enough to notice the person you’ve committed your life to. It is a fun, experiential, intimate, and powerful 2 days. It is applicable for all married couples and inclusive of all age ranges and length of relationship! So whether your marriage is brand new, going great, or if you are wondering if y’all are going to make it; this is for you.

Click HERE to register!

The experience is designed with great intentionality. The training sessions are comprised of group conversations facilitated by a certified Transformational Trainer, private conversations with your partner, and experiential exercises designed to reveal your heart for your partner and that which you don’t know, that you don’t know.



Love Placentia.
SATURDAY, APRIL 29 | 8 AM-12PM | Eldorado High School, Placentia, CA (Serve Rally)
Love Placentia is a city-wide serve day that offers you and your family the opportunity to be good news to your neighbors and community through service.