Fran & Lori Derocher

Organization: Mission Aviation Fellowship
Location: Nairobi, Kenya



About This Ministry:

Lori and Fran were born in the same hometown in Northern Michigan. Fran was raised in a very religious family. After leaving home, he seemed to always have the same question in his heart, “What will happen to me when I die?” It didn’t make sense to him that he couldn’t know for sure. A pastor sat down with Fran and opened scripture to him for the very first time and showed Fran very simple, but life changing, verses. Fran moved from darkness into light. The pastor recommended that Fran attend Moody Bible Institute in Chicago to study the Bible. Prior to attending there, he had been attending school to become a pilot. He knew almost immediately that he wanted to serve God in a full time capacity. Shortly after starting school, he heard about a degree in Mission Aviation. The rest is history. God took Fran’s love for flying and his desire to serve Him in a full time capacity and directed him to serve with MAF. The path has not been smooth or easy, but Fran wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Lori was raised in a church-going family. She remembers one time when she was very little hearing about Jesus knocking at the door of her heart and wanting to come in. In a childlike way, she prayed for Him to come into her life. At the age of 10, her family got busy with life and quit going to church. God rarely entered into Lori’s life. Her mom died suddenly when Lori was 18 years old and after trying several things to fill that gap in her life, she looked to Jesus. She not only accepted Him as her Savior, but also as her Lord. Little did she know where that would take her.

Lori met Fran shortly after her mom’s death, when neither of them were followers of Christ. After they both became believers, Fran had an immediate desire to serve God in a full time capacity. Lori wanted to serve Christ, but continue on with her plans. God had other plans. After much prayer and an act of obedience, God changed Lori’s heart and they started on their journey to overseas ministries in 1991. Erica was 6 years old at the time and Amber 3. They have served with MAF in Zaire, Lesotho, and now Kenya. Brent was born on African soil. God has brought them through many events in their lives that have brought them to where they are now.

Fran has been a pilot with MAF, flying pastors, evangelists, doctors, nurses, aid workers, and many supplies to remote areas in both Zaire and Lesotho. Lori has been beside him booking flights, flight following, and doing the accounting for MAF. Their recent move to Kenya happened after their Regional manager asked them to come and help him carry the load of Africa. Fran has given up his wings to be the Southern Africa Area Manager. He is responsible for 18 families living in 5 different countries. He will be doing lots of traveling visiting with each family at least once a year. When he isn’t traveling, he has an office out back where he spends many hours answering and writing emails to our staff in Redlands and other field locations. Through all of their experiences, God has equipped Fran for this new position.

Lori’s ministry at the moment is being a wife and mom. This is even more important now that Fran is gone quite often. She has a desire to get involved in the community in some way, but for now believes this is where God wants her to be. Please be praying with her as she seeks God’s direction on where to get plugged into the community in Nairobi.


Family Information:
Fran – July 12
Lori – Mar. 20
Erica – Dec. 22, 1985
Amber – Dec. 14, 1988
Brent – Sept. 6, 1994
June 16, 1984