• Classes for everyone 9:00 am & 10:30 am. There is a complete list of classes below.
• ENCOUNTER College Ministry – 12:00 pm (Undergrounds Cafe)

• “Son”catcher’s Bible study for senior adults, 7:00 pm (B139)

• Early Christians Prayer Group – 6:30 am (Fireside Room)
• Renewed Women’s Bible study – 9:15 am (Center Bldg.) [September-May]

• Men’s Bible study – 6:30 am, (Fireside Room)
• ReJOYce Women’s Bible study – 9:30 am (Center Bldg.) [September-May]
• Prayer Intercessors – 7:00 pm (Prayer Room)
• Renewed Women’s Bible study – 7:00 pm (Center Bldg.) [September-May]

• Men’s Prayer Group – 5:30 am (Prayer Room)
• Businessmen’s Networking – 7:00 am (The Café)

• MOPS – Mother’s of Preschoolers – 9:30 am, every other Fri. (Center Bldg.). [September-May]

Three Strands – 9:00 am (E209) Couples in their 30’s – A family of believers in Christ, seeking the Lord, aiming to do His will and raising children.

Common Bond – 9:00 am (E206) Couples in their 40s to mid-50s. In the midst of our busy lives, this class is a place to connect with others who share your faith, to find support and encouragement for the journey, and to dig deeper into God’s Word so we can apply it to our every day challenges. We love to laugh and have fun, too, and we would love to have you join us!

Seekers – 9:00 am (D205) Couples and singles in their 50s. We are mostly couples in our 40s and 50s, but welcome everyone. We enjoy walking deeply through life together and seeking the Lord’s best for our lives and our relationships. We enjoy learning and growing together.

New Friends Fellowship – 9:00 am (E207) Couples and singles in their 40s+. We have a caring group that meets weekly for fellowship, to pray together and to study God’s Word through books, videos and topical discussions.

Catalyst – 9:00 am (E205) Singles in thier 40s-60s. Our Singles ministry exists to help lead single adults into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We also exist to help singles connect with other singles in the same stage of life to form friendships and help build community.

Discoverers – 10:30 am (E108) Couples and singles in their 60s-70s. Our class was formed to help seniors discover the joy of Christian living. Each Sunday we have a social time (doughnuts), sharing time, class announcements & upcoming events for our class and share the church wide schedule. Biblical teaching each week is provided by outstanding communicators and Biblical scholars.

Together in the Word – 10:30 am (B139) Couples and Singles in their 50s+. We share in Christian fellowship, prayer, and support for each other. We enjoy hearing from missionaries, keeping up with Church activities and learning from outstanding Bible teachers. Come join like-minded believers following God’s plan TOGETHER.

Contact Craig Davis, our Pastor of Spiritual Formation & Group Leadership