Weekly Gatherings


Our High School Ministry shatters the stereotype that church is boring. Our weekly gatherings are created in a way that honors God and is fun and welcoming for both believers and newcomers. Students enjoy great music, fun experiences, and a meaningful Christ-centered message.

SUNDAY MORNINGS 9:00-10:15 am  |  HS Room (E001) Our High School ministry is a place for students to be exposed to who God is and what He’s done for us. We meet downstairs every Sunday morning from 9:00-10:15 am, for a time of fun, fellowship, and worship.

WEDNESDAYS |  7:00-8:30pm  |  HS Room (E001)

Current/Upcoming Series:

Be The One to find The One, are you better together than you were apart, and date with no regrets. Everyone and everywhere there are shades of grey and blurred lines, but you’ve got relationship goals and we want to help you reach them.
Week 1 – Be The One To Find The One  (Sept. 17) “Stop looking for the one and become the one.”
Week 2 – Better Together  (Sept. 24) “God’s goal for your relationship is bigger than you think.”
Week 3 – No Regrets (Oct. 1) “Dating with no regrets . . . is it possible?.”

It’s around 1am, and something is lurking in the dark. No, it’s not a creepy hand, a masked Jason, it’s not even paranormal activity. It’s that sin you keep trying to bury, that you keep from even your closest friend and it keeps coming back to life, in your life. So how do you kill your sin to stay in the grave? Because if we don’t bury sin, sin is going to bury us.
Week 1 – Kill it! Or it will kill YOU (Oct 8) “Kill sin before it kills you.”
Week 2 – Kill It At Its Origin (Oct 15) “You’ll spend your entire life picking the fruit of your sin if you don’t kill it at its root.”
Week 3 – Burying The Wrong Voices (Oct. 22) “God’s voice is calling you. The problem: we’re listening to a bunch of other voices as well — voices of negativity, pride, compromise, gossip, depression, suicide, guilt. What voice will you listen to?”
Week 4 – Digging Your Own Grave (Oct. 29)

Most of the world does not follow God or believe in an eternity. C.S. Lewis once said even Christians, “live like practical atheists.” It’s one thing to say you’re a Christian, or say you believe in Jesus – it’s another thing to actually follow Jesus. So how can you tell if you’re for real, or if you’re fake?
Week1  – Four Chairs (Nov. 5)) “It doesn’t mean you gotta be perfect, but you do have to be honest.”
Week 2 – Coffin Christianity (Nov. 12) “Chrisitainese aint going to cut it.”
Week 3 – Whatever It Takes (Nov. 19) “God gave us the Cross for anyone, our part in this is to do whatever it takes to spread this news!
Week 4 – REAL (Nov. 26) “Real Christians aren’t’ perfect, but they know Jesus who is.”    

HSM is family and, if your family is like mine, there’s no such thing as a perfect family. And the family that Jesus was born into wasn’t close to perfect. Comforting if you ask me. What is God trying to tell us?
A Past, A Prostitute, and A Promise (Dec. 3) “Even though He knows the worst of your sin, Jesus wants us in his family picture.
Worst Christmas Sweater Ever (Dec. 10) “Christmas means that Jesus didn’t just come as God, but He came here as a human!.”
This Be The Verse (Dec. 17)