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Here at Rose Drive Friends Church Elementary we know the way in which discipleship is accomplished varies from family to family but one way we believe that imaginative family discipleship can take place, is around your Home Front discussions with your children. RDFkidz would like to offer here a few advantages of leveraging discipling your children through Tru Curriculum parent digital Home Front sheets:

• It acquaints them intimately with the Bible. If you read the stories we are teaching on Sundays with your child in the Bible, they will begin to see that the Bible is not some huge book chalk-full of fortune cookie papered quotes. The Bible is God’s story and it’s a story that can be read and understood by a 7 year old. And that story will have eternal meaning for your child.

• It may provide your child with the encouragement they need to share their faith. This speaks for itself really. But how many of your lives have been changed because someone decided to be brave and care for you in the greatest way imaginable … when they shared with you the good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

• It very well may soften their hearts to the realities of God’s character and His gospel. This is perhaps the most important reason for sitting down with your child(ren) and unpacking the Scripture in Home Front with them.

So parents, leverage! Leverage all the time you can, with all the passion you can, to have your son and daughter engage God’s word through Home Front.

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