Jeff & Heidi Bell

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About This Ministry:

Reign Ministries is committed to build and advance the Kingdom of God by developing youth and youth leaders to have a Great Commandment heart and live a Great Commission lifestyle. This is done by providing short-term missions opportunities for students.

The desire is to prepare students for a lifetime involvement of making disciples by:

1. Exposing them to the world’s burning need for a Savior!

2. Equipping them to help meet that need through discipleship!

3. Sending them home to be actively involved in reaching “their world” for Christ!

Jeff and Heidi joined the staff of Reign Ministries in April, 2000, after serving as Youth Pastor at the Evangelical Free Church of Yorba Linda for over 15 years. Both Heidi and Jeff have worked with students for 20 years, Jeff in youth ministry and Heidi as a teacher in the public school system. They believe that God has uniquely prepared them to have a significant influence in the lives of students and youth leaders through the work they are doing with Reign Ministries. As staff with Reign Ministries, they are involved in the following specific ministries:

Royal Servants – Overseas short-term ministry trips for students during the summer.

GlobalLink LA – Hosting youth groups for cross-cultural missions experiences by involving them in inner-city ministry opportunities in Los Angeles.They consider it a privilege to serve the local church by coming along side them in their efforts to develop youth and youth leaders who are trained and motivated to serve Christ with all of their heart, mind, and strength!


Family Information:
Jeff – June 4
Heidi – November 14
Chelsie – May 28, 1992
Caleb – February 21, 1996
Maddison – August 9, 2000
Anniversary: August 12, 1989