Molly Morton

molly-morton-webOrganization: Evangelical Friends Mission (EFM)
Location: Ireland

Email: N/A

Molly is a member of Glendora Friends Church (Evangelical Friends Church Southwest) and lives in Southern California.

Over the last decade, Molly Morton has led many teams of students from Azusa Pacific University in California to Dundalk, a town in Ireland not too far from the Northern Ireland border. There is an evangelical Irish church in Dundalk that Molly bonded with during those visits, but she also built strong relationships within the Dundalk community. Consequently, Molly looks forward to joining the EFM team of missionaries in Ireland where she will learn even more about the Irish people as she immerses herself in their culture. Molly is excited to explore how God will lead her in strengthening existing relationships while discovering new ones. Molly knows that God has called her to Ireland, but before that can happen, she needs 500 prayer partners and 100 percent funding.

Family Information:
Birthday: March 21