RDFkidz Volunteers


Our #4VOLUNTEERS movement is a small way in which we celebrate and let our RDFkidz volunteers know how much we LOVE them!  Here at RDFkidz we know that our VOLUNTEERS are a BIG DEAL! Like, they’re a REALLY Big Deal!  It isn’t always easy being a RDFkidz leader. It can be overwhelming, it’s SUPER hard to tell if you’re doing it right a lot of times, and you’ll never hear a kindergartner  say to you “I never realized how impactful Romans 9 truly was until you broke it down for me!”

Our  RDFkidz VOLUNTEERS are nothing short of RAD!  Every RDFkidz volunteer does a bunch of things that we think are worthy of celebration –  And they do two specific things that we think are pretty SPECTACULAR:

#1 – RDFkidz VOLUNTEERS love sacrificially every one of our kids.

Jesus says, “there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” This is the kind of love you can find on display in RDFkidz every Sunday in the lives of our VOLUNTEERS. They simply put kids before themselves.

#2 – RDFkidz VOLUNTEERS make every reasonable effort to be a part of the lives of the kids.

Being a RDFkidz, Midweek, or Moppets VOLUNTEER goes WAY BEYOND a Sunday or Friday morning. They make themselves available, visible and eternally valuable to our kids anyway they possibly can – and we can’t thank them enough…

But we are going to try Sunday, November 13th 2016 and Sunday April 30th of 2017 as we tell our entire church that we are #4VOLUNTEERS in RDFkidz!