Russell and Sarah Badgley

badgley-webOrganization: Evangelical Friends Mission
Location: Ecuador


The EFM Board and staff are pleased to announce that Russell and Sarah Badgley, along with their children Emma, Joe, and Ruth, have been approved as new missionary candidates with EFM.  The Badgleys are members of Greenleaf Friends Church, a congregation belonging to Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends (NWYM) in southern Idaho.  Greenleaf has a long history of sending out missionaries.

The Badgley’s exact field of service is yet to be determined, but they are feeling led to pioneer a new work in Latin America, possibly in the jungles of Ecuador.  Peru Yearly Meeting (planted by NWYM in 1961) is considering the possibility of sending its first missionaries to Ecuador as well.  So in November of this year the Badgleys, a few others from the US, and a team of Peruvian Friends will participate together in a Luke 10 exploratory trip to Ecuador.  Please pray that this trip will help Russell and Sarah, EFM, and Peru Yearly Meeting, discern whether this is the right place to open a new field.

Family Information:
Russ: March 8
Sarah: October 17
Emma: April 6, 2002
Joseph: June 11, 2004
Ruth: March 11, 2007

Anniversary: August 11