Scott & Vicki McCracken

Organization: Int’l Teams, Refugee Ministry 
Location: Athens, Greece



About This Ministry:

Scott and Vicki were both brought up in wonderful godly homes; Vicki grew up in Seattle, and Scott grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They met at International Teams training in the Chicago area in the Fall of 1986. They had both signed up for the refugee ministry team in Vienna, Austria. After ministering there for a year, they returned to America to get married, then served for two more years in Austria. In the Spring of 1990, they received a call from the I.T. headquarters asking them to consider moving to Athens, Greece, to start a team to begin a similar refugee work. The need was great and there was no work happening with the refugees there. Though not interested in the least (they were very happy in Austria), they said they would pray about it. The Lord quickly changed both of their hearts! They moved to Athens in September of 1990 and have been there ever since!

Starting a team was not a quick and easy task. Over the years, however, the Lord brought a great, gifted group of people for the  McCrackens to work with and they became family.  Though the refugees come from all over (the Middle East, Africa, former Eastern block), most of the refugees are from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Kurdistan.  A Greek non-profit was established (called “Helping Hands”) and most of the ministries were run out of the ministry facility: the Athens Refugee Center (A.R.C.). Hundreds every week visit the center for food distribution, clothing, English and Greek classes, Bible studies, “Jesus” film showings, tea and conversation, and Gospel messages and testimonies. They have been amazed at the openness of these needy people! Many are accepting Christ as their Saviour and sharing their faith with others!

In November of 2011, Scott and Vicki transitioned off of the “Helping Hands” team and began developing a new team (called “The Stream Team”) that FOCUSES on discipleship and leadership training of refugees and immigrant leaders in Athens and beyond.


Family Information:
Scott – July 30
Vicki – July 10
Kendra – Sept. 4,1989
Cody – March 26,1992
Kyle – Jan. 14,1994
Will – Aug. 5, 1998